TEENAGERS who allegedly stole kayaks from a Barry watersports centre to take them on a late-night paddle, before fleeing the scene, were caught on recently-installed CCTV cameras.

Police arrested three youths following reports from residents concerned for their safety at Barry Dock on Bank Holiday Monday.

Barry Coastguard was first on the scene at The Mole, No. 1 Dock, around 2.50am, in a bid to assist them.

But when the youths were said to have escaped they were tracked to Barry Asda and handed over to the police.

Barry Community Water Activity Centre has been plagued by trouble in recent years, with mindless vandals causing several thousand pounds of damage to the community-driven facility in January.

As we reported at the time, thieves stole items, and smashed windows, with boats and kayaks dislodged and strewn about. No-one was arrested on that occasion.

But the incident prompted security firm VOG Fire and Security to donate cameras just last week.

And centre manager Keith McIntyre said these had already paid dividends, catching the teens in the act. “This time we have a result,” he said. “We have CCTV cameras which we’ve seen them on.

“They [the teens] are pretty lucky they didn’t die.

“There must have been a hell of a lot of noise for residents to hear them.

“But there was no actual damage and the three kayaks have been recovered.

Barry Community Water Activity Centre management committee member Paul Haley added: “I’m really grateful for the work of the police and coastguard in apprehending those who are sadly making a detrimental impact to a great community project. I hope this sends a clear signal that our new detective security measures are working. They will get caught.

“We want to carry on providing safe and secure facilities for young people in our community.

Police confirmed three youths were questioned relating to the incident and later released pending further enquiries.