AN ALTERNATIVE guide to must-see Barry tourist attractions has become a hit online.

Barry resident and editor-in-chief of satirical website, who names himself as Royston Butterscotch, has produced a tongue-in-cheek guide to the town’s top 10 must-sees and hopes viewers will get the joke.

The list features the Bargain Greggs outlet, on Holton Road, at number one, but Mr Butterscotch stressed the attractions were in no particular order and were decided when he had a “little think over a cup of tea and a chocolate Hobnob.”

The other attractions featured include the bench that Beppo – a local character – used to sleep on, Barry Hospital, where the Lido site used to be, where the Pleasure Park used to be, the civic amenity site, visiting a charity shop, getting involved in a Zumba class, where they filmed Gavin and Stacey, and where they scattered Fred West’s Ashes – at Whitmore Bay, Barry Island, according to Wikipedia.

Roy said: "The list is a tongue-in-cheek news report on our satirical website and should not be taken too seriously. I am from Barry myself and know all the real wonderful places that Barry has to offer – this was just a list designed to raise a chuckle in an internet dominated by sad news and horrible images.

“They are in no particular order – each place is as wonderful as the next and it was too hard to rank them. As your old head master used to tell you when you didn’t come anywhere in the school Eisteddfod, ‘they are all winners’.

“My personal favourite is the second hand Greggs shop. We are not aware of any other towns having one and it makes Barry unique - if it is the only place to have one. Plus you can get steak bakes at a really good price. What more could you ask for?

“The only other contender which just missed out on the top ten was the place over Barry Island where Peter Andre slipped on a wet newspaper over getting into his limo when he was on the Radio One Roadshow back in the mid 90s. We couldn’t pinpoint exactly where it was so it never made the top ten.

He added: “We hope that people enjoy virtually visiting these wonderful places and that they’ll realise how lucky they are living in Barry.”

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