BARRY Town Council planning committee members have re-iterated their “strong objection” to a proposal to build 200 dwellings at Weycock Cross.

The committee first considered the Taylor Wimpey outline proposal for the 38.9ha Green Farm site, located in the Dyfan and Illtyd wards, in May 2014.

Strong objections were then conveyed to the Vale Council planning committee who rejected the plan, before the developer lodged an appeal and then withdrew the appeal.

The report, put before Barry Town Council planners noting the traffic impact, on Tuesday, September 2, said: “The applicant states that the development build out is expected to be completed at a rate of 75 residential units per annum, resulting in an overall programme duration of eight years. If the commencement were to be as the applicant intends, the works would be stated in 2015 and completed in 2022. The applicant further states that the non-residential components of the development would be delivered at an appropriate stage in the build cycle, depending on the prevailing market conditions.”

The report added that Vale Council traffic studies had indicated development on the northern edge of Barry would further exacerbate the traffic congestion in the surrounding areas, particularly along Port Road.

It further stated the town council believed the area had poor public transport provision which would mean increased traffic congestion, pollution and living environment for local residents.

The development, it said, would also result in the loss of fertile agricultural land, increase the risk of flooding and seriously damage areas of natural conservation and archaeological interest within and adjacent to the site.