THE Welsh Government has been accused of setting up too many "talking shops" by Regional AM and Vale resident Andrew RT Davies, something he says points to "indecision and dithering" in the Labour group.

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives said that figures show the Welsh Labour Government have set up almost 400 consultations since May 2011.

The party has claimed that these figures help explain the Welsh Labour Government’s "paralysis and sluggishness" in bringing forward legislation and policy.

Mr Davies, who uncovered the figures, said: “It is important that politicians of all parties consult with the public and experts in business and the third sector.

“However, Carwyn Jones’ Labour government has issued 400 consultations in just three years, which is symptomatic of indecision and dithering in the face of Wales’ problems.

“It is right that people should be consulted about decisions which may affect them, but seemingly endless pen-pushing exercises should not be excuses for government inaction.

“It is astonishing that the Labour Party has been in power for 15 years and is still spending so much time setting up talking shops instead of taking decisive action to address the problems in Welsh public services.

“Considering the 400 consultations undertaken since 2011, it is a sad irony that so few actually take on board the views of the public as we’ve seen with Labour’s controversial centralisation agenda in the NHS and the downgrades to hospital departments.

“Carwyn Jones’ stagnating Labour government must end its dithering and sham consultations and start acting like a government by taking tough decisions to get the Welsh economy and public services back on their feet.”

The figures show that the environment portfolio has held the most consultations with 109 in the past three years, followed by health and social care with 71.

Welsh Conservatives have previously complained about the amount of paperwork sent to teachers. Since May 2011, Welsh Labour Ministers have issued 62 consultations in education.

There has been just one consultation concerning older people.