VALE resident and Regional AM Andrew RT Davies has said that he wants Ofcom to investigate the gap between the internet speeds people across Wales are paying for compared to what they are receiving.

The Welsh Government has said that up to 190,000 more homes are now able to access superfast broadband as a result of the Superfast Cymru scheme.

Meanwhile Ofcom has revealed that 58 per cent of Welsh homes are able to draw upon superfast broadband access, compared to 78 per cent for the UK as a whole.

The Vale of Glamorgan is one of several counties in Wales due to be targeted for improved access by 2016.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives and AM for South Wales Central Andrew RT Davies said: “Whilst the number of Welsh households able to access superfast broadband has risen recently, Wales still lags significantly behind the rest of the UK.

“Having access to fast and reliable broadband has a transformative effect on the way we live and work, but there are still too many rural areas which are unable to benefit.”

Mr Davies also called on Ofcom to address the wider issue of whether internet providers were giving customers the speeds and access they advertise.

He said: “I am surprised by the number of residents and businesses who complain to me about the gap between the speeds they get and those promised by providers.

“Clearly it cannot be right to charge people for a service that falls short of what they are promised and I would like to see Ofcom looking into this.”