BARRY Comprehensive school has seen another successful results day, with 82 per cent of pupils achieving five or more A* to C grades.

High grades were achieved across all subjects, including Maths and English.

Headteacher Gerard McNamara said: "I am very pleased with the achievements of our students.

"Their sustained effort over the last two years has paid dividends. We look forward to further achievement as students progress to the sixth form."

Some of the school's top achievers were:

Thomas Cosgrove with six A*s and six As, Matthew Ireland with A*s and five As, Thomas Jones with six A*s and seven As, Harry Lambert with six A*s, five As, a B and a two Cs, James Scott with one A*, nine As, two Bs and two Cs and Mitchell Thorngate with one A*, nine As and a B.

Thomas Jones, who is enrolling in his school's sixth form next term said: "I was really pleased to be honest.

"A few of the results shocked me."

Thomas Cosgrove, who also plans on going on to sixth form said: "I did a bit better in some of them than I thought I was going to get and what I was hoping to get."

Headteacher Gerard McNamara added: "This success would not be possible without the continued commitment of our staff, teaching and non-teaching, who really do go the extra mile for our students.

"We also need to recognise the support of parents at this very critical time.

"There is a real cause to celebrate in Barry and I hope families and their young people take time to celebrate well deserved success."