THE Ambulance Service is planning to operate as normal during the NATO Summit – utilising additional specialist teams to work alongside its operational crews.

It said road closures would not affect its services as, as an emergency service, it would have access to 999 calls from the public where and when necessary.

The service said it had been involved fully with partner agencies in planning for the international conference which will be held in Newport in September.

A Welsh Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “The day to day service of responding to emergency calls and transporting patients to and from their appointments will continue as normal in the week prior to the summit, and during the period of the summit itself.

“Due to matters of confidentiality and security we are unable to provide detailed information regarding the resources we are allocating to the NATO Summit.

She added: “We can confirm that we are in dialogue with several other UK ambulance services in terms of any mutual aid requirements, which is standard practice for events such as this.”