A SPANISH airline which operates from Cardiff Airport has launched its summer 2015 programme now so people in the Vale can book early.

Vueling’s programme of direct flights to Spain from Cardiff Airport was announced this week ahead of all their other networks.

This early announcement comes as a result of the airline’s response to the Welsh public, who continue to seek to book their flights as early as possible.

In addition, the recent announcement of a code share agreement between British Airlines and Vueling means these flights are bookable via both www.britishairways.com and www.vueling.com, so BA passengers can fly Vueling whilst also collecting valuable Avios points.

Flights to popular Spanish destinations Malaga, Alicante and Barcelona can now be booked online up to the middle of July 2015, with the rest of the flight programme becoming available in the coming months.

Winter flights are also available, flying from Cardiff to Alicante and Malaga until March next year, catering for passengers travelling to holiday destinations out of peak season.

Spencer Birns, aviation and business development director at Cardiff Airport, said: “It’s very positive to see another one of our key airlines responding to the needs of the Welsh public.

"Vueling remains a popular airline in Wales with many booking early because of the cost-effective fares and quality of service; now is definitely the best time to book for winter 2014 and summer 2015 to get the best deals.

"We look forward to continuing our relationship with Vueling and even more summer 2015 flights becoming available over the next few months.”