TWO swans caught in fishing line on Knap Lake on Wednesday (August 13) are recovering following a rescue mission involving an IKEA bag.

South Wales Swan rescue freed the swans and took them, in the home furnishing store’s bag, away for care after they had been reported anchored together in masses of fishing line.

The Vale Council called the organisation around 4.30pm after it was informed the birds were trapped.

Ellen Kershaw, of South Wales Swan rescue, said her colleague Peter Martin was already on the road so she asked him to go straight to the lake.

She said: “When he arrived there were two very concerned women doing their best to help the swans. Peter, with their help managed to get both swans out of the water - the one, allegedly, was only minutes from death but is fine now - in fact they are both fine. Unfortunately we don't have all the line and hook - said to be an enormous sea fishing hook - which was causing the problem. We try to keep as much evidence as we can regarding each incident we attend.

“Both swans are only about 18 months old (teenagers) - one possibly male and one female and both are in moult so they couldn't have flown in with the tackle.”

The charity is appealing for anyone who may know the whereabouts of the fishing line and hook to come forward.

Swan Rescue South Wales provides and promotes the rescue and welfare of swans in South Wales, and the wider UK context.

The only Swan rescue group in South Wales is the contact for calls from the police and other calls received direct from members of the public.

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