AN ART group’s 5th annual spreading of friendship and kindness took place at Knap Lake and Gardens on Sunday, July 27.

The Art4ü Friendship Tree Acoustic concert featured bands and acts who helped spread the message.

Glyn Pooley said: “Friendship and kindness through music and art was the theme of the day and the atmosphere in the park and surrounded community was lovely. We were all treated to a brilliant day of acoustic music in the lovely sunshine while many enjoyed a picnic.”

Acts included Back to November, The Danielle Nicholls Band, the colourful and Desert Divas belly dance group, Andrew Skelton, Christopher Young, Pete Tree and Patrick o Rhiodan, an international contribution by Romane from France and Hank Hillman who put together two sets, compered and took care of the sound for the other artists.

Glyn added: “Thank you to all the musicians for their amazing contributions. All gave their time and expertise voluntarily and provided us with a brilliant show. Thank you also to Chris Barnett who kindly provided the sound equipment and staging free of charge, we are such a fortunate community. To Barry Town Council for some financial support and to the Vale of Glamorgan Council for other behind the scenes support. Thanks also to all our volunteers for working so hard with dedication for organising yet another successful community event. It was truly a day to remember.”

Art4U is a voluntary arts group who aim to bring collaborative art to the public of Barry and bring people outdoors to celebrate nature. For more information on Art4u and the Friendship Tree Festival.


This event was in association with The Barry Arts Festival.