LABOUR'S Westminster candidate for the Vale Chris Elmore spoke about his concern at the rising number of families relying on donations to eat while volunteering at the Vale Foodbank.

While taking donations at Tesco, Barry Councillor Elmore said he was also struck by the dedication and passion shown by those who volunteer at the Foodbank.

“Spiralling energy costs, the rise in VAT and cuts to working tax credits have put thousands of families from right across the county on the brink," he said.

"It is also shocking that of the 7,000 who have desperately turned to foodbanks, 3,000 are children.

“I was bitterly disappointed to hear that Tory Ministers have refused to meet with the Trussell Trust who operate the vast majority of foodbanks across the country.

"The more that they continue to put their heads in the sand, the more children will go hungry. They should at least come to the table and acknowledge there is an urgent problem that needs fixing.

“The Tories are so out of touch that they can’t see that their callous welfare reform agenda and failure to help working families is pushing more and more families to the edge and letting more and more children go without a decent meal."

The Trussell Trust operates three foodbanks in the Vale of Glamorgan, in Barry, Dinas Powys and Llantwit Major.