LABOUR has unveiled that it plans to widen opportunities for non-for-profit community focused organisations.

The plans would make it easier for social enterprises - organisations that aim tackle social problems, improve communities or the environment - to win Government contracts.

Labour’s Westminster candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan, Councillor Chris Elmore said: “Social enterprises often feel locked out from competing for government contracts which too often go to the biggest companies in the UK such as Capita and Serco.

“With many public sector agencies based across the Vale and the South Wales area, Vale social enterprises could have a lot to gain from our new plans to reserve certain contracts to small community focused businesses.

“With less money to go around, we need to find other ways of delivering public services. We should draw on the innovation of social enterprises that are rooted in their communities. Social enterprises can identify new, effective and enterprising ways of delivering value for money and high quality public services."

In Government, Labour will utilise new EU rules that will allow Government departments and local authorities to reserve the award of some three-year contracts exclusively to organisations “in the pursuit of a public service mission."