SOME very excited children waited at Barry Dock train station on Monday, July 7, for the 9.15am train to Barry Island for the second trip to the beach for PhillyBear’s playgroup.

Some of the children had been on a train trip with the playgroup before so knew what to expect but for many of them this was their first time.

After the short ride the group walked down to the beach where an area was set up near the lifeguard station for the children to play. There was a gazebo to keep the sun off them and blankets for them to sit on with books to read. All the children could not wait to take off their socks and shoes to get the feel of the sand under their toes. They loved digging in the sand with the buckets and spades and as the staff made sand castles, they enjoyed knocking them down. They also loved the large diggers they pushed around in the sand. A few of the children wanted to go down to the sea and put their feet in the water and also to take water back to play with.

After a picnic of sandwiches and refreshed with drinks the children could not wait to play again.

Once the children had put on their socks and shoes they then visited John Zeraschi’s Prom Bar for ice creams. Each child lined up with their money to pay for their own ice cream. They loved doing this. It did start to rain but it did not dampen their spirits and they just enjoyed eating their ice creams under John’s shelter. Luckily the rain stopped as the group prepared to walk back to Barry Island train station to catch the train back to Barry Dock.

On the ride back all they did was talk about the beach and the train. As the train pulled into the station the children could see their parents waiting for them and could not wait to tell them all about their morning. Many of the parents commented the next day how much the children enjoyed the trip and how well they slept that night.

PhillyBear’s Playgroup, based at Barry 5th Sea Scout Hall in Everard Street, Barry, caters for children aged two-five years old. The playgroup currently has available spaces so if you would like more information or would like to come and have a look around give Philippa a call on 07757665363.