A BARRY man that rescued a dog from the streets of Spain is fundraising in aid of a charity that rehomes stray animals in the UK.

Hairdresser Kevin Marks took pity on cross-breed ‘Rita’ after he found her wandering the streets of Tarragona covered in ticks and fleas while he was on holiday.

After contacting the local police they scanned her and discovered that she wasn’t chipped, and she was put in a holding area that Kevin described as “basically a cage”.

“The next day we went back to the police station and they said we could either take her or she would probably be put down,” said 41-year-old Kevin.

“Eventually I found a boarding kennel that agreed to keep her until I had the proper paperwork.”

After coming back to the UK he managed to find the animal rescue charity ‘For the Love of Dogs and Cats’ that transports animals to the UK and other European countries.

Kevin, who owns Jakamo hair salon on Holton Road, is now trying to raise awareness of the charity and the work of its president, Linda Soler.

“What I want people to know is that in Britain we have the likes of the RSPCA and Dogs Trust, but in Spain they don’t have those sort of organisations and many of the animals that are found on the streets are put down,” he said.

“For the Love of Dogs and Cats can help save these animals and rehome them as if they go into a Spanish pound they would probably be put down.

“They recently took in a mustang cross Labrador with ten puppies and they’ve already managed to rehome the mother and five of the puppies.”

Kevin is hoping to raise money for the charity by holding a collection box in his hair salon.

He added that Rita had already settled into her new home in Barry and “it was like she’s always been here”.

For more information about For the Love of Dogs and Cats go to: http://fortheloveofdogsandcats.org/