THIS term at KiddieWinkles Childcare, the children and their parents have been busy preparing ‘Textured Treasure Chests’ as their home/school task.

The idea was to encourage the children to work with their parents and explore lots of different textures as they completed the task. This would not only encourage sensory development, but also language and communication skills.

Jane Hutt AM was invited along on Thursday, July 10, to help judge the entries and pick two winners. Jane enjoyed her visit to KiddieWinkles Childcare and stopped to chat with the children and staff before embarking on the difficult task of choosing two winners.

Jane said: “It was great to visit KiddieWinkles Playgroup at the Crossways Methodist Church to judge the excellent work undertaken in their 'home school' project on the theme of pirates and their treasure.

"All the exhibits were wonderful and it was hard to choose the winners. Congratulations to the children, parents and the staff of KiddieWinkles."

The two winners were Keavy Saunders, four, and Ryan Murphy, aged two, who were both awarded a special gift for their efforts, along with a certificate. Every child who took part in the task was awarded a certificate of merit and enjoyed a small presentation ceremony with their friends.

KiddieWinkles Childcare is now closed for the summer holidays and will return on Monday, September 1, for the start of the autumn term.

If you are interested in receiving further information about the services the group provides visit their website, email or telephone 07855 369601.