PROMISES that carers would receive a bonus of up to £250-a-year under a Liberal Democrat government have been welcomed by Lib Dem Assembly Member Eluned Parrot.

The bonus help more than 2,000 people in the Vale of Glamorgan, and 63,500 in Wales.

The annual payment will help full-time carers get a bit of extra help and recognises the invaluable contribution they make to society.

Assembly Member for South Wales Central Eluned Parrott AM said: “Around one in eight people in Wales provide care for family members, friends and loved ones, in what can often be an extremely challenging role.

“For every carer the experience is different, whether they provide support for a friend or family member who is ill, has a disability, mental health issue or addiction. But common to all carers is the personal commitment that they give, through dedicating their time and energy, care and support to help someone they are close to.

“Carers provide almost 97 percent of unpaid care in Wales, saving the Welsh economy £7.72billion a year.

“These are people who deserve our support even in straightened times, which is why the Liberal Democrat manifesto will include a Carer’s Bonus to give them a little extra help.

“It’s completely up to the carers themselves how they spend it - it’s a no strings attached bonus from a party that is grateful for the superhuman work they do.”

The bonus would be worth £125 at the start of the next parliament and would rise to £250-a-year by 2020, with over 63,500 people in Wales eligible. It would be available to anyone who receives the Carer’s Allowance or the Carer’s Premium.