DEATH defying cuddly toys risked life and limb in an effort to send a Barry beavers group on a tourist London trip.

Members of the 11th Barry Sea Scout group beavers section brought their favourite stuffed toys to their Colonies meeting and dared their toy cuddly friends to bravely agree to take part in a sponsored death slide and parachute jump.

Bears, monkeys, cats, dogs, elephants and a giraffe all pledged their support.

Beaver section leader, Neil Murray (elephant), said: “We hope to raise enough money to hire a coach and take the beavers to visit several sites in London and if possible spend the night in a local scout hall, before coming home the following day.

Each cuddly animal had to undergo a thorough medical assessment by First Responder and Group Scout Leader, Bryan Foley, to ensure that that they were in peak physical condition. Thankfully every one passed with flying colours.

“We are pleased to say that the majority of our brave participants landed safely with not a scratch. However one rather large stuffed elephant did have a rather hard landing as her parachute did not fully open.

“She sprained her trunk and hurt her leg quite badly. We are pleased to report that thanks to the timely response by our medical team, she is feeling much better and will make a full recovery.”