SULLY Archaeology Cymru were recently joined by local historian Karl-James Langford for a walk into history.

The group started their walk at Sully Church, heading towards the beach at Sully via the footpath alongside Glebe field that once lead to a now lost farm.

They examined signs for evidence of the second World War finding one chunk of concrete bearing the name of an American serviceman his number and a 1942 date.

A group spokeswoman said: "Having wandered further across the mud and rocks we examined the ground underneath our feet for our native coral, and yes it is still alive and thriving.

"Many more surprises awaited us, including Jilly one our the walking team showing us fossilized horsetail fern that had once dominated the landscape here 200 million years ago in the Triassic period.

"We viewed evidence of a huge mountain range that once existed, with a final treat being the footprint of a Triassic Teleosaurus - type of crocodile that once walked the earth 200 million years ago -

found two year ago by Karl-James and his assistant Alexia."

The group's next walk, that will look at the dinosaur footprints at The Bendricks with Karl-James Langford, takes place on Wednesday, June 25 starting at 2pm from outside Sully Church.

For information phone 07751 255725 or email