A TWO-YEAR-OLD tot whose budding gardening ambitions were thwarted by her fledgling sunflower’s theft has had her gardening dreams restored, thanks to kind-hearted Barry people.

The Barry & District News last week reported how Frankie James had spent six weeks tending to her potted plant, as part of her PhillyBears playgroup project, when it was taken from her family’s back garden during the night of June 18.

But following the story, five people and groups waded in to restore a smile to the youngster’s face and ensure her green-fingered ambitions were kept alive – donating seven sunflowers together with some solar plant lights and a bag of sweets.

PhillyBears, landlord Colin Jones, construction operations co-ordinator Bernie Marks and assistant site manager Steve Heard of Jehu Construction, former Royal Mail charity worker and blood platelet donator Graham Underdown and Bob Nash, of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, delivered the goods making the youngster’s day.

Bernie said workers on the former Thompson Street magistrates’ court building site had been holding a competition to see who could grow the largest sunflower when they heard about Frankie’s plight.

Bernie said: “It was just so sad that somebody had done something like that so we wanted to give her a chance to grow some more.”

Graham said: “It was a sad thing to happen and we were growing them for our grandchildren so we decided to donate one as you do.”

Bob said: “When you see a little girl being robbed, what sort of impression does that give? We just wanted to make amends as anyone else would.”

Colin said he was disappointed somebody had stooped to that level.

“Hopefully,” he said. “Seeing this kindness will cancel out the nastiness and I hope whoever did take it will give it the same care and attention Frankie did.”

Mum Laura 33, said she was overwhelmed and thanked everyone who had donated the flowers and neighbours keeping a special watch to prevent a theft happening again.

She said: “It is lovely and it has restored our faith in humanity.”

Frankie, two, on inspecting her gifts and tending to them, added: “Wow, happy. More water, more water.”