IN terms of unlikely scenarios, an MP flying a Boeing 747 to Prestwick at the side of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is right up there.

But that's what Alun Cairns did this week, or at least in theory anyway.

The Vale MP joined rock star and aviation businessman Bruce at his new flying school, based at Rhoose Cardiff Airport where he tested out the new flight simulator.

Alun Cairns has worked closely with Mr Dickinson and his Cardiff Aviation business since its creation two years ago, and has supported their multi million pound investment in Commercial Flight simulators to train pilots from all over the world.

Testing his skills in the simulator, Alun flew the Boeing to Prestwick Airport, and took three attempts to successfully land.

Mr Cairns said, “It was an amazing experience and so lifelike. Bruce and the instructors said it was identical to the real thing.

“I must admit, I was so stressed trying to fly the simulator. You’ll be relieved to know that there is no chance that I will repeat the activity with passengers behind me.

“This is a fantastic boost to the local area and Bruce, Mario and the team should be congratulated.

"This is a significant project and will bring hundreds of trainees to the area for a number of weeks at a time. As I was there 20 trainees from Scandinavia were being trained.

“The projected growth in the numbers of pilots required over the next two decades is huge and Cardiff Aviation and the Vale can play a big part in that. The timing is right in that the economy is growing rapidly.

"This facility gives an opportunity for airlines to train and refresh their pilots as well as enable individuals to make the jump from private licences to commercial flights.

“This is a significant feather in our cap."