SUPERHERO action is coming to Barry Island, with a new crime fighting heroine taking on bad guys at the amusement park in a film set to be released this summer.

"Tears of the Falcon" a short film by an amateur film maker from Dinas Powys is the story of The Falcon - a reporter by day and crimefighter by night - who, while investigating a spate of deaths at the funfair, crosses paths with an old enemy.

The Falcon, played by up-and-coming actress Natasha Staples, is inspired by the DC comics heroine - and sometime partner of Green Arrow - the Black Canary.

Despite being a micro-budget project the film also stars some recognisable faces such as Colin Cunningham the star of American sci-fi show Falling Skies, who took an interest in the script following a casting call attracted the attention of his partner Jina Anika, who is also in the film.

Writer, producer and director Richard Hope, 33, explained how the self funded film - which his wife Sarah also worked on, along with around 15 other cast and crew members - came together.

"It was pretty exciting to be working with actors of this calibre," he said.

"I've been making films for about 14 years. Just as a hobby on a kind of no budget scale, begging and borrowing and just making films because I like making films.

"This one is the first project of any real size that we've done, we're playing with a miniscule budget.

"I'm a big comics fan and the American studios are reluctant to give superheroines their own films so I just kind of thought, let's do it."

Choosing to shoot at Barry Island amusement park due to its evocation of childhood memories and how good it looks on film, the shooting took place over one day in April.

Richard said that the only difficulty in shooting the action packed scenes came when the cameraman became ill from spending too long spinning on a waltzer.

The film is currently being edited in the US with a teaser trailer promoting the release, planned for the end of June, available to view now.

Richard is planning on setting up some screenings of "Tears of the Falcon" and also entering it into some festivals before it becomes available to buy online.

"It's looking fantastic," he said. "I'm really, really pleased with it, I'm very happy with what has been done so far.

"I just hope people like it."

For a sneak preview of Tears of the Falcon go to