A VALE councillor has launched an attack on “voracious” seagulls by urging residents to recycle food waste.

Cllr Rob Curtis said recycling food waste was as important as recycling other household rubbish like glass, cans and paper as when organic waste ended up in landfill it biodegrades and had serious environmental consequences

He said methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, was released into the atmosphere, which significantly contributes to global warming and a liquid leachate was also produced that could pollute groundwater and water courses, damaging the plants and animals living there.

He added that disposing of waste via landfill was unsustainable and space was running out and by separating food waste, instead of putting in normal rubbish sacks, it would reduce the amount going to landfill and stop animals tearing open black sacks.

The environment and visible services cabinet member said: “Late spring is when seagulls are at their most voracious when searching for food to feed their chicks and they have learnt that some people are still putting their food waste in their black bags instead of securely putting it in one of the council’s secure food waste caddies which we pick up every week.

“Everyone gets angry and frustrated when you see rubbish strewn streets just because of ripped open black bags due to gulls, cats, dogs or even foxes. But there is a simple and effective answer - use the Vale Council’s food waste collection service.”

Pick a kit up from the Civic Offices, Barry or the Alps office, Wenvoe weekdays 9am to 5pm; 4pm Friday.

There are instructions, a roll of biodegradable bags and two caddies - one for the kitchen and one to leave out by 7am kerbside.