BROWNIES are hoping to crown a year of centenary celebrations by treating the Vale’s eldest brownie as fit to be their queen.

The kind-hearted youngsters and their volunteer helpers have so far found a 72-year-old former brownie, but are convinced there must be older past members out there.

40 Brownies recently travelled from Barry with their leaders by coach to Broneirion, Llandinum, where they joined Brownies from all over Wales for a fun 100th birthday party.

The party celebrated 100 years since the beginning of Brownies who, back then, were called Rosebuds.

They took part in Zorbing, foam pit, wall climbing and making an owl from Willow.

Division commissioner South East Glamorgan, Jayne Newcombe, said: “We are trying to find the oldest Brownie to join us as guest of honour at this year’s annual Scout & Guide Fete. At the moment the oldest Brownie we have found is 72 but is there an older Brownie out there?”

The fete takes place at Romilly Park, Barry, on Saturday, July 5.

Anyone who may know of a brownie aged 72 plus can call Jayne on 01446 409282.