POLITICIANS from three of the leading Welsh political parties visited Cardiff and Vale College to explain the importance of voting to students.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives and AM for South Wales Central Andrew RT Davies, Vale Labour AM and Business Minister Jane Hutt and Eluned Parrott, the Lib Dem AM for South Wales Central and Shadow Transport Minister, all went to the Barry based college.

They held question and answer sessions with students on the Horizons course - an independent living skills course for young people with learning difficulties.

“Most, if not all of the students have never voted at an election before, although they are all eligible to vote,” Horizons Course Tutor Debbie Clark explained.

“One student told me last week that her dad had thrown their polling cards in the bin as he doesn't see the point in voting.

"A few of the other students mentioned that there isn't any point in voting as it doesn't affect them.

“I was slightly alarmed at these statements so invited representatives of the main parties to visit the College to meet with the students to explain the importance of voting.”

The three politicians took part in three lively debates with the students with topics under discussion ranging from the importance of democracy and the collective power of people, through to food prices, policing and crime, immigration, agriculture, the EU and public transport.

Andrew RT Davies said: “It has been a really good experience. It’s always great to come in to schools and colleges to talk to young people. After all, young people are seen as some of the most disengaged, politically when you think they’d be the most engaged.

"To be able to come in here and speak has been good. The students asked a very wide range of questions and not just the narrow range that you might expect. It was great."

Jane Hutt said: “This has been a really important opportunity to listen to their views about what affects them on a day to day basis, such as transport and the importance of their bus passes. this is something we strongly support in the Welsh Government.”