A CONTROVERSIAL £692,000 Welsh Government-funded Barry Island community venue has, so far, received one booking for 2014 since its premises licence was approved in February.

Members of the Vale Council licensing sub-committee then decided an application, by the Vale Council’s leisure and tourism department for a temporary Nell's Point Events Space, on the former Barry Butlins holiday camp site, Station Approach Road, should proceed.

But following objections from 29 residents, local councillors and traders, the committee imposed a number of concessions which included events meeting an 8pm deadline – rather than the 10.30pm applied for – and noise levels at the boundary between the site and residential properties registering at no more than 65 decibels – the sound of a washing machine.

The licence requested permission for regulated entertainment in the form of plays, films, live music, recorded music and the performance of dance.

Residents had raised concerns about alcohol usage, in an area that is a alcohol-free zone, noise levels, event hours, and the behaviour of some motorists who park by their homes.

A Vale Council spokesman said: “The only event planned that will use the Nell’s Point Event Space in 2014 is the Barry Transport Festival.

“The festival features vintage buses, cars and bikes and will use the Nell’s Point Event Space and rear of the car park, the Barry Island Gardens and part of the prom.”

The event will run 10am to 5pm, on Sunday June 8.