THE second annual Golden Apple Awards have been held in recognition of Cardiff and Vale college's favourite members of staff.

The staff are nominated are voted for online by the students and awarded in the categories of Lecturer of the Year, Teaching Assistant of the Year and Non-Teaching Staff Member of the Year.

IT Lecturer Darren Oakley was voted the most popular member of teaching staff. One of the students who nominated him said: “Darren brings humour into the classroom making lessons fun and enjoyable allowing the class to learn more easily.”

Another added: “Darren inspired me to work harder to achieve what I want from education.”

Leonie Delgado won the award for Teaching Assistant of the Year.

“Leonie is amazing!” one of her anonymous nominators said. “She helps me in class to stay focused on my tasks as I can get distracted very easily.

"She helps me make my notes look very presentable and I am very confident when she is in my class with me.”

Finally, Learning Zone Assistant and Learning Advisor Pauline Ball received the award for Non-Teaching Member of Staff of the Year.

One of the students who put her name forward said: “Pauline is brilliant inside and out of the class - she is always encouraging us to do our best.

"She offers helpful insights which help us with our work and anything else we need assistance with.”

The College’s Student Voice Co-ordinator Heather Ferguson said: “There were more than 100 nominations for 42 members of staff. All the nominated members of staff will be contacted by Student Voice with the positive feedback made about them.

"The Golden Apple Awards have been a fantastic opportunity for the students to show their appreciation of College staff across the board - not just their lecturers but everyone who is part of the College community."