BARRY based hot pepper sauce producers Hot Diggidy Dog have proudly promoted their products as 100 per cent natural ingredients and the fact they are gluten free.

Now, with thanks to one of their customers they can reveal that their Zeblaa smoky table sauce is one of the healthiest BBQ sauces on the supermarket shelves.

Mrs Ann Fisher got in touch with the sauce maker to tell them about her love for the slightly spiced BBQ style sauce and happened to mention the reason she buys Zeblaa was due to the fact it has six times less salt and half the calories than the leading brand.

Company founder and the man behind the friary condiments, Simon Llewellyn, said: “At first I was so excited when Ann rang through with this revelation. It could give us a real advantage over the long standing leading brands in the market place. Then I was so annoyed at myself for not knowing this.”

He continues: “It actually turns out that the sauce I named after my son Zeb, has not only six times less salt but also half the calories, and the original pepper sauce carried zero points in well known diet plans too. Plus it tastes great.”

The business who has Zeblaa listed in Tesco's throughout Wales, now wants to encourage shoppers to ditch high salt and sugar leading brands or cheap supermarket own labels and look towards smaller niche products as a possible healthier option.

With the summer months fast approaching sales of BBQ sauces are set to sore with the nation’s love of outdoor cooking and eating, Simon believes.

“The consumer should be more aware of what goes into these popular brands. We look at calories, fat levels and salt levels in a lot of other foods, but with sauces it doesn’t seem as important as we only use a small amount at a time. However, with such high levels, especially salt, in these products then we should all be more aware of what we are smothering over our burger bun,” he said.

Zeblaa and the award winning Hot Diggidy Dog Original hot pepper sauce are designed to spice up meal time with their unique tangy flavours with layers of heat coming from the chilli peppers. Simon hopes people will choose his products because they want great flavour and have the knowledge that they have chosen the healthiest option available.

Hot Diggidy Dog sauces are available in Tesco and Asda throughout Wales, a host of independent retailers across the UK and online at