A SYNDICATE from Dinas Powis Bowling Club has hit the jackpot after scooping more than £1.1million in the national lottery.

Each member of the 50-strong syndicate will pocket around £22,400 in winnings after their numbers were selected against the odds.

Colin Burgess, who has been organising the syndicate since the lottery began 20 years ago, said that although the money wasn’t life changing it would still come as a welcome reward to everyone in the syndicate.

“It’s not something where you can rush out and buy a two storey house,” he said.

“You might be able to get a new small car out of it, but nothing like a Porsche,” he said.

He added that when he rang the lottery operator Camelot for confirmation they asked him what he would be spending his winnings on.

“I said to them I’m sat here looking at a three-piece suite that my wife wants and I think I might get her a bouquet of flowers too,” he said.

The previously self-styled Dinas Powis Bowling Club Lottery Losers had won just over £200 six weeks ago, but usually had to make do with wins of £3 or £5.

Mr Burgess added that it was his decision to delete the even numbers on each line that led to the winning numbers.

“If I had selected the odd ones we wouldn’t be sitting here now as winners,”

He described the win as “once in a lifetime” and said that they would have to be very lucky to win it again.