BARRY Yacht Club will welcome a fleet of historic boats as they sail in to compete for the title - ‘Cock o’ the Bristol Channel

The Bristol Channel pilot cutters are set to arrive on Friday, May 2 – staying around until the next day.

The Bristol Channel pilot cutters, more than 100 years old, 50 foot high and 80 foot long, will recreate the glory years of pilot channel racing where they competed to get to incoming ships first to offer their services.

The cutters are recognised worldwide as one of the finest class of working sailing craft ever developed as they were required to remain at sea in the Bristol Channel in all weathers.

The race dates back to the turn of the previous century when cutters raced at local regattas developing into a race from Barry around Lundy Island.

The winning boat was declared Cock o’ the Channel and privileged to fly a burgee displaying a golden cockerel for the following year.

Barry Yacht Club, courtesy of Associated British Ports, will present the a rare opportunity to see the l craft as they arrive and lock in at around 8pm on Friday May, 2 - leaving at 8am the following day.

The race will start off the entrance to Barry Harbour at 10am, weather permitting, and the boats can be seen from the footpath around Nell’s Point from around 9am onwards.

Howard Lavis, of Barry Yacht Club, said: “The race is as hard fought for now as it was a century ago. Don’t miss an unique opportunity to see something very special. This will be a very special sight to witness with these majestic, beautiful boats sailing the Channel. It will be like going back in time.”

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