AN ATTEMPT to salvage two pieces of Barry Island tourist artwork have crumbled after the Vale Council said they were damaged during recovery attempts.

Angry residents had taken to social media to demand a reprieve of the ‘90s installed mosaics on the western promenade as re-paving work began and the local authority pledged it would attempt to save two.

Islanders claimed three mosaics were retrievable – with two now beyond repair.

A Vale Council spokesman said: “Unfortunately the only two murals that were in a salvageable condition were damaged while attempts were being made to recover them. The murals cannot now be reused.

“Moveable fairground rides will be welcome on the promenade once the resurfacing work has been completed.”

Barry Island Historical Group chairman, Mike Heffernan said Cllr Lis Burnett had told him the mosaic panels they were trying to save did not survive the lift and were now damaged beyond repair.

Mr Heffernan said: “She has asked for a full report into what went wrong and I have asked her to keep me in the loop.

“Needless to say I am absolutely gutted that they didn't survive - and so will a lot of others.”