IT was a case of I’m a customer get me in here, when I’m a Celebrity fashion designer David Emanuel walked into a Barry store!

The Diana, Princess of Wales wedding dress designer and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here runner up drew a crowd when Barry shoppers realised he had paid a surprise visit to Bonmarche, on Holton Road, on Friday morning. (April 4)

The designer’s range appears in store and David asked staff for a tour and sought their views on sizes, the display and the collection in general.

Supervisor Charlotte Haines-Jones said his visit was totally unexpected and he explained that he was in the area and thought he’d stop by to check out the goods.

She said: “Myself and Cath (Lock) were serving customers on the till and he said ‘Hello ladies’ and we looked up and he was standing by the corner of the counter. It took us about 10 seconds to realise.

“He was really lovely – a pleasure, really nice. We spent 45 minutes having a general chat.”

Store manager Sandra Downing said: “He loved the store and layout which is fantastic coming from him.

“ Loads of people came into the store once they realised and took pictures which was fab.”