THE official inauguration of the first ever Vale of Glamorgan Youth Cabinet has taken place.

Members of this first ever Youth Cabinet are Tom Chandler, Emily Peters, Jessica Peters, Ellis Rosser, Candy Srinivas, Emme Srinivas and Niclas Want.

They will now represent the views of their peers to the political leadership of the council.

Vale Council leader Cllr Neil Moore said: “I am delighted that the council has another channel through which young people in the Vale can have an input into decisions that may affect them. I would like to congratulate and thank all the young people who took part in this election and I hope that everyone will continue to work with us as a council, whether or not they were elected to the Youth Cabinet. I look forward to all of them being pro-active in the future.”

All members of the Vale Youth Forum were able to stand for election for the Youth Cabinet. Seventeen young people presented their manifesto to forum members in a bid to win the votes of their contemporaries.

Seven Youth Cabinet members were elected to work with the council’s Cabinet.

Cabinet member for children’s services and youth champion Cllr Chris Elmore said: “It is vital that we engage with young people in a way that is meaningful. The Youth Cabinet has been designed in full consultation with young people in the Vale. The standard of all the candidates was exceptionally high and the young people involved are a credit to the Vale.”