A BARRY-BASED entrepreneur is continuing to prove hot stuff in the food industry stakes as he takes on brand giants with a mini innovation.

42-year-old former submariner and Hot Diggidy Dog chilli sauce guru, Simon Llewellyn has launched a new-to-the market sauce-filled 5ml vials, containing sauce, which can be used by hotel and catering outlets, supplied to supermarkets.

The product has been three years in the pipeline with stringent rules meaning the bottles’ full-shelf life had to be tested in real-time and pushed to its max.

He also said the vegetarian and vegan friendly products, also gluten free, were registering as one of the healthiest in the foodie field – with them fitting in to the Weight Watchers and Slimming World plans.

Dad-of-one Simon, who currently employs four people and is hoping to expand, said: “Nobody in the UK does a single serving of hot sauce

“We need to get it on the shelves now and that contact has now started. We have got hotels, caterers and restaurants onto us.”

Existing sauce Stockists include local shops such as Vic Hopkins & Son and Food For Thought, in High Street, Barry, national chains like Tesco, Asda, Spar, and Selfridges and, on an international scale, Russia and Afghanistan.

Simon, aiming for more, is also launching some new sauces – Great British Ketchup, Texas BBQ, and Spicy Mexican.

For details, visit www.doggidy.com