THE VALE Council’s Local Development Plan is set to be implemented earlier than originally planned after the local authority's cabinet agreed to revise the timetable

During a community cabinet meeting at the Paget Rooms on Monday, March 24, councillors agreed to bring forward the date of implementation from January 2017 to September or October 2016.

Councillor Neil Moore, leader of the council, said it was “good news” that work on the LDP was “moving faster than we anticipated”.

Cllr Lis Burnett, cabinet member for regeneration, innovation, planning and transportation, said: “The report is about the need to revise the Vale of Glamorgan LDP Delivery Agreement. Rather than delivering it as planned in January 2017 we are planning for September or October 2016.

“Those affected by the LDP deserve a level of stability.”

Cabinet agreed the recommendations that the contents of the report, ‘The Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan 2011 – 2026 Review of Delivery Agreement Timetable (June 2013)’, and the implications for the LDP timetable be noted, that approval is sought from the Welsh Government to formally amend the LDP timetable contained within the Council’s Delivery Agreement (2013), that those individuals and organisations previously consulted on the drafting of the LDP Delivery Agreement be advised of the revisions detailed within the report, and that the report be referred to council to seek approval for the revisions to the indicative LDP timetable contained within the Council’s Delivery Agreement (2013).

The report will also be referred to the planning committee for information purposes.