MORE than 230 toys have been delivered to Barry Foodbank by FedEx, to help families in crisis.

To brighten up the lives of children in need in the delivery firm distributed donated more than 8,000 toys to Foodbanks across the UK.

Categorised by gender and age, the Vale Foodbank received a consignment of toys which will be distributed along with food packages.

Trevor Hoyle, Vice President of Operations for FedEx UK and Ireland said: “It is such a worthwhile cause and we are glad our involvement can help children and families across the UK in times of difficulty.

“We are so thankful for the ongoing support of FedEx. With their amazing logistics support, 36 Foodbanks across the UK will receive five large boxes of toys each which will be distributed to families in need.

"The toys which have been kindly donated, will help to brighten up the lives of children and families who are going through a time of crisis. This FedEx support couldn’t have come at a better time."