THE much anticipated new Aquadock has been installed at Barry Dock lifeboat station.

The new kit will make it easier to launch and recover the station’s smaller "D-class" lifeboat.

This smaller boat was previously used as a boarding boat to transfer volunteer crew members across the harbour to the larger all-weather lifeboat which in turn has been used to rescue people as far away as the Severn bridges to the east and Devon to the west.

The smaller boat has recently been used for local, inshore rescues since the installation of a pontoon.

The newly designed Aquadock is attached to the pontoon and lets crew drive the smaller boat straight from the water onto dry land, giving a safer and easier way to get crew and casualties ashore.

The Aquadock will also save the boat from being constantly afloat which will mean less maintenance and a longer life.

A spokesperson for the station said: "We are all very excited to have this new Aquadock on site."