POWERING a plane by pedalling your bike may seem unlikely but that's exactly what one engineering enthusiast is hoping to achieve.

Along with other members of a campaign group, David Moore is hoping to raise funds on a sponsored bike ride to maintain a plane he describes as one of the last examples of "proper British engineering" - the Avro Vulcan XH558 bomber.

Former RAF armourer David - who now works as a mechanic at Beespoke Cycles, High Street, Barry - and five other members of the Vulcan to the Sky group will ride from Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome, where the Vulcan was restored to flight, to her new home at Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport, via several other airbases across 150 miles.

They hope to raise £5,000 to go towards keeping the Vulcan airworthy and able to take flight at air shows across the UK.

The Vulcan was designed and built during the Cold War and the last one retired in 1993 before being restored in 2007.

David, 46, said: "I was in the RAF for ten years, it was just as Vulcans came out of service but I can always remember them from airshows.

"If you've ever heard the sound of a Vulcan you'll know how impressive it is.

"The Vulcan is an example of some of the last proper British engineering before it was done on computer and the like.

"The money will go towards ongoing restoration costs to keep her flying."

The challenge will take place across two days starting on Wednesday, May 14, and sponsorship forms can be found at Beespoke Cycles or donations can be made online at www.justgiving.com/cycletothesky