A HOAX call to the fire service caused two crews to be held up unnecessarily for 25 minutes.

On Thursday, February 27, at 11.10pm a malicious caller - who gave his name as "David" - falsely reported a fire in the Mini Market shop on Vere Street, Barry.

Two crews attended the scene, and were needlessly tied up for 25 minutes.

South Wales Fire Service warned that hoax calls such as this are not just wasting the emergency service's time but are ultimately putting lives at risk.

Chief Fire Officer Huw Jakeway said: “Malicious callers are not only an enormous drain on resources but their thoughtless behaviour endangers the lives and safety of the public.

"Firefighters must respond to every emergency call that is made.

"If they arrive at an address and find out that it's a hoax, it may delay them in attending a serious emergency incident, where they may be needed to rescue someone trapped in a house fire or road traffic collision. It might even be someone you know.”