SCHOOL children and residents have been asked their views on a £20,000 transformation of a Barry housing estate site – home to a Bonfire Night blaze.

Five people responded to Vale Council plans for an environmental improvement scheme at Caldy Close, a cul-de-sac, in Gibbonsdown.

Proposals involve planting UK native wild cherry blossom trees and installing stepping stones as part of the Tranquil, Greener and Cleaner Places Grants 2013-14.

A Vale Council spokeswoman said Oak Field Primary School had been chosen for a consultation on February 12 because it was the best community facility in that specific area and it wanted to get the local children involved.

She said all houses in the area had been leafleted about the event.

But community campaigner Molly Conway, predicting the traditional November 5 fire held at the site would not be so easily extinguished, said residents had not been consulted about what they really wanted and needed.

She said youngsters should be allowed to take ownership of a project or play area they would like to use as they would then protect it from any destruction.

A Vale Council spokeswoman said previously and during the consultation week, views were generally favourable about the Vale’s proposals, which had to account for health and safety issues, the parameters of the grant and ongoing upkeep.

She said: “The council’s parks and ground maintenance department will be looking after the space.

“As the proposed improvements constitute landscaping works, planning permission will not be required. We will be inviting a selection of landscape contractors to submit quotes to undertake the work this week in order to award the contract by first week of March.”

Barry Communities First cluster manager Colin Davies said recent local consultation on this issue had seen no objections to the proposal on the grounds that there would no longer be a space for a communal bonfire on that piece of ground.

Vale Council leader, Cllr Neil Moore added: “The council’s housing team have made the land available for the scheme and the landscaping will be designed by the council’s landscape architects. We have consulted local residents on the outline proposals.”

Work is anticipated to begin on March 10 for a duration of 10 to 12 days.