A DEBATE on the use of the former Barry Butlins site as an area for events has intensified ahead of a decision on February 27.

The Vale Council sub licensing committee is due to meet next week to consider proposals for premises licence at Nell’s Point, Barry Island.

But some residents expressed concerns that noise, feet away from their homes, would be unbearable.

Some traders said the newly created space near the car park – funded by the Barry Area Regeneration Board programme – would provide little reward with visitors not wanting leaving the area to make purchases.

Louis Ross, 29, who co-founded the Barrybados brand with Rhys Howell, said: “Even though Barry is blessed with beautiful scenery, over the past 20 years or so, each iconic feature/attraction within the town has gone. The bars, pools, Butlins, cinema, even the fun fair is all but gone.

“The new Nell’s Point event space could be the next iconic feature within the town and an attraction that could become synonymous with Barry, something for the current and next generation to enjoy, look back and remember all the great events and memories that it looks destined to bring.

“Music and dance events, more entertainment events, skating and extreme sports, which a number of residents enjoy fully within the town.”

He added: “We do agree that details should be ironed out with local residents who have concerns. Our view is why can’t Barry host these events? Why do we have to travel to Cardiff, Swansea and as far as Bristol for big, entertaining events all the time? The infrastructure is in place with the town, the space is there, use it, be creative, produce something the whole town can enjoy and be proud to be part of. Us both at Barrybados, want to improve the town, make it better for both residents and tourists, we just hope all the issues and concerns can be sorted, for the benefit of the town as a whole.”

Barry resident Lisa Jayne Edwards tweeted the Barry & District News with her views.

She said: “Why does anyone wanting progress for our beloved town have any objections?

The fair and noisy seagulls have been here longer than the estate and doesn't bother me on said estate.

It’s all part of living in a seaside resort.”

But Barry town councillor for the Baruc ward, Cllr Shirley Hodges said local people had genuine concerns on how this would impact on their homes.

She said: “The blanket request for the licence every day of the year between the times indicated is just not acceptable. The venue is too close to housing, the planning condition included low level planting to screen he area and a proper management plan for the site. This has not happened. I believe the whole scheme was rushed through with little thought as the regeneration board had money in its pocket which they needed desperately to be spend or it would have been taken back by the Welsh Government. The council's main defence for allowing this space is it will be temporary pending the sale of the land. The Vale has always seemed to be rubbish at disposing of its own unused assets. I suspect we will be with this car park and exhibition space for a number of years.”