BARRY Town Council’s Fairtrade Steering Group are celebrating this year’s Fairtrade fortnight by launching a campaign to encourage members of the public to donate any fairtrade food goods which will then be donated to Barry Foodbank.

Collection points will be open at the Fairtrade display at Barry library as well as taking your goodies to the Barry Town Council Offices at 7 Gladstone Road, Barry.

The chairman of Barry’s Fairtrade Steering Group, Cllr Rob Curtis, said: “Please help us support both poor farmers in the developing world and also at the same time support some of our poorest families here in Wales by donating.

This year’s Fairtrade fortnight takes place between February 24, and March 7. We need people to donate Fairtrade goods at the display stand at Barry library or at the Barry Town Council Offices on Gladstone Road.

I know the people of Barry support our vision of a world in which social justice and sustainable development are at the heart of world trade not greed and exploitation.”