AN ABANDONED meeting of Barry Town Council has led to a spat between councillors.

At a meeting intended to decide the coming year's budget on Monday (February 10), Plaid Cymru group leader Shirley Hodges pointed out that no minutes from December's meeting had been provided.

This being a failure to follow legal standing orders, the meeting was abandoned and deferred until Monday, February 24.

Councillor Hodges said: "I was very disappointed that the full town council meeting was abandoned.

"It was an important meeting to set the level of our council tax next year. I really think the mayor and clerk need to get together before the meeting to check they are following the law and standing orders. I wish the Labour leadership could get the basics right."

Town council leader Stuart Egan responded: "It was unfortunate that we were unable to conduct our meeting, due to Cllr Hodges raising a point of order.

"The meeting had to be deferred because, at 7pm, the council were not able to seek the advice it needed.

"We have now received the advice and we could have continued with the meeting, but you have to err on the side of caution to ensure you fulfil your legal obligations as a council.

"If Cllr Hodges had raised her issue prior to the meeting as you would expect any councillor to do if they thought there was a problem, then the meeting would have been able to proceed."