A BARRY dad fears somebody could be killed unless the Vale Council takes action on speeding motorists near his home.

Mark Taylor, of Everard Street, made his plea following several accidents, including one last week when a motorcyclist was involved in a collision at the street’s junction with Gladstone Road.

The 58-year-old learning support assistant said new road markings painted on Gladstone Road meant motorists needed to edge slowly out of the obscured-by-parked-cars junction, but many were exiting at speed into the path of other vehicles.

Mark said a senior citizen neighbour had also been badly injured as a result of a car collision.

Mark said: “Once again a member of the public has been injured at the bottom of my street leading on to Gladstone Road.

“This is the second time in two months that speeding cars, one stolen, have injured drivers and passengers.

“Everard Street is used by many cars and lorries and they always seem to be speeding.

“They bomb down here."

He said he had almost been hit recently when cleaning his car outside his house.

He said: “The road itself is steep. Cars going down the hill are often speeding and since the new road markings were painted on Gladstone Road to aid parking for the residents, it has become even worse.

“The road markings go from the corner kerb straight out by some six feet so cars must edge out slowly so as not to hit oncoming traffic on both sides off the road.

“Most cars speed out from the bottom of the road.

“Speed humps and a speed restriction or even a one-way street should be put in place before someone is killed.”

Mr Taylor plans to start a social media campaign and petition in an attempt to solve the problem.

A Vale Council spokeswoman said: “The concerns raised by the resident of Everard Street, Barry, as with all similar concerns raised by residents throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, will be investigated by the council’s traffic management team. Should there be evidence of a traffic problem then remedial action will be identified and implemented where appropriate.”

Vale Court ward councillor Richard Bertin, who lives in the area and has also been campaigning for calming measures in nearby Hannah Street, said: "I hope that the Vale Council will now improve this junction. I have previously asked for improvements to take place here in the past due to safety concerns as it really is a bad junction.”