THOUSANDS of people from across Wales have signed up for the Cyd Cymru energy switching scheme.

The collective energy switching scheme, which is a partnership between the Vale and Cardiff Councils, has attracted 5,500 residents all keen to cut their energy bills.

The scheme aims to help people cut their energy bills by negotiating as a group with energy companies to get the best rates possible for gas and electricity.

Councillor Rob Curtis, Vale council cabinet member for the environment and visible services said: “We hope this scheme will help the many families struggling to pay their fuel bills.

"What is driving this initiative is the desire to help people gain fairness, stability and better value as energy prices continue to rise. I’m told that people could save between £87 and £239, depending on how they pay for their fuel.”

The first "switch" has now closed, but there will be a second chance to switch, with registrations open from Monday, January 27.

The scheme is open to everyone in Wales, regardless of property type or income, and it is free to sign up with no obligation to switch.

Call 0800 0935902 or visit for more information.