YEAR 9 pupils at Bryn Hafren school have been celebrating the achievements of one of their forms, 9AX after they raised £1,000 for Velindre Cancer Care.

The form decided to raise money after their form tutor Alexandra Williams found out her father Peter Williams was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2012.

The pupils of 9AX thought of imaginative ideas for stalls rather than the usual ‘cake breaks’ that are traditionally done in the school.

Their ideas included an American sale (selling American products), a spooky sale (selling Halloween based treats) and a summer sale (with ice cream, ice lollies and cold drinks).

The pupils demonstrated an extraordinary entrepreneurial and creative set of skills in setting up stalls which attracted the whole school into buying more than is usual at these events held within school break times.

So much so that the headteacher Phil Whitcombe set them a target of raising £1,000. The form rose to the challenge and they successfully achieved this target.

A special assembly was held recently to present the cheque to Lin Rich, a specialist Velindre Nurse and former Bryn Hafren pupil and to Mr Williams.

The money raised was sent to Velindre ‘head and neck’ department where Mr Williams was treated.

The contribution will hopefully be used to assist the team to continue the valuable and innovative work that they do to develop new treatment to combat the disease.

Miss Williams said she was "extremely proud of her form's extraordinary achievement".

Miss Phillips, Head of Year 9 said she was "impressed by the dedication and generosity shown by the pupils in 9AX" and "they have inspired other pupils in year 9 with their charity fundraising".

Report by Jaheen Ahmed, Shona Evans and Ffion Norris-Howe, 9AX.