A HORRIFIED woman who saw her dog get run over on Christmas Day has appealed for help in catching the driver responsible.

Yorkshire terrier George survived the accident but has had to have his leg amputated, with treatment so far costing owner Ceriann Heyes more than £900.

Ceriann, 21, from Powys View, Barry had to pay a similar amount earlier in 2013 when her other Yorkie Buppy also lost a leg in an accident.

Last year was "a terrible year," she said.

In the early hours of Christmas day Ceriann and her friend Matt were walking home from midnight mass on Coldbrooke Road with their two dogs when a silver car ran straight over five-year-old George, leaving him covered in blood and howling in agony.

Ceriann described how the car seemed to slow down following the incident before deciding against stopping and quickly speeding away.

"It all happened so quickly," she said. "All I remember was him howling. There was so much blood, I didn't know where it was coming from. I went to pick him up and he just went limp in my arms. I thought that was it."

A taxi to an emergency vets in Cardiff and a tense night later, George was sent home after being given pain killers. At home he seemed to be in shock and struggled to eat.

A few days later his leg was amputated at a vets in Penarth and now a week on he seems to be recovering well at home with Buppy, who also has only three legs after a nasty break earlier this year.

Ceriann, who works at Mckenzie Gale salon in Penarth, said: "I didn't think he was coming home with me. But he seems to be on the mend, he's coping with it quite well.

"I just want whoever is responsible to come forward. I think it's absolutely disgusting that someone could drive off after doing something like that."

Barry police confirmed that they had received a report concerning a dog which was in collision with a motor vehicle at around 12.20am on Wednesday, December 25, on Coldbrooke Road East.

If anyone has any information concerning this incident they can contact Barry police station on 101 and quote reference 62130404125.