A BARRY post office has proved it has what it takes to deliver Lotto-winning success after recording its third £20,000 winner in three months.

Staff at the King Square Post Office, Holton Road, issued the prize-winning cheque on January 2 to a Barry dad after his raffle number proved lucky in the draw.

The first £20,000 Lotto raffle winner, to a Port Talbot syndicate, occurred on October 7 with the second, locally, on December 23.

Staff also paid £7,080 out on the Hotpicks section of the ticket, on October 7, and say the number of £25 and £450 wins had increased substantially since Camelot changes last year, helping the premises rapidly gain a reputation as a lucky Lotto shop.

The post office is allowed to authenticate winnings up to £50,000, before the lucky winner has to contact Camelot directly.

Assistant Les Vogel said: “It was joyful. We aim as a team to generate joy and happiness and anything we can do we are happy to oblige.

“The winner himself was quite overwhelmed, local, with quite a big family.

“He was very nervous and obviously happy.

“It’s a life-changing figure – it’s not just like winning a three-course meal.”

Les put the success down to a happy atmosphere.

“We try to generate a happy spirit with people – we cheer them up and have a bit of a banter with them,” he explained.

Owner Vimal Kabria added that customers could also be certain that if they landed a prize of up to £50,000, they could be paid with an immediate cheque.