A SELF-CONFESSED chocaholic inspired by her role as mum-of-the-bride, has experienced a fairytale weight loss thanks to a diet including her favourite treat .

Barry grandmother Wendy Burgess has now shed more than four stone, spurred on by daughter Stacy Dunn’s 2011 April wedding and three more in 2012, still managing to indulge in chocolate on her WeightWatchers plan.

The 54-year-old mum-of-two, of Burlington Street, shifted the pounds after stepping on the scales at the Weight Watchers Beryl Road class and weighing in at 17stone 0.5lbs.

She now weighs 13 stone 1Ib – a goal achieved despite her love of sweet stuff.

Wendy, a development manager, said: “ I knew roughly my weight was that because the highest I had been was 17 stone 10Ib.

“I am a chocoholic – any chocolate. It wouldn’t be a little bar. It would be a big bar and I’d never eat it secretly. If I want it I’ll eat it. If it was a works ‘do’ I wouldn’t have starters. I’d rather puddings and if anyone didn’t want theirs, I’d have that.

“Thorntons is my favourite, but I do like Cadbury bars as well. I stick them in the freezer and suck it. I also like Lindor."

Wendy, who suffers back problems, became fond of attending aqua aerobics and now has the energy and confidence to regularly attend Zumba classes. She also eats all the foods she likes.

She said: “I don’t think about what I’m losing every week, but what I’ve done in total.

“I love chocolate. I make cakes. I love stews. I’m not one for salad, but I like fruit.

“The pains in my legs aren’t as bad and I’m wearing dresses. I haven’t worn dresses for years. It was trousers, jumpers and loose shirts. I go in to Evans and I look at some of it now and I think I don’t want that and go into Debenhams.”

She added: “It takes time to get into the plan. You’ll have bad weeks and you’ll have a bad day but you just get up the next morning and get on with it. I go on holiday but I get weighed as near to the day before I go and starting back – even if it’s not my proper class.

“It’s one of the best plans I have ever done.”

Weight Watchers leader Debbie Spargo said: “Wendy's journey proves they you can lose weight and eat the things you like - for example chocolate as a treat. She's had an amazing journey and all the small changes she's made have added up to a great weight loss.

“The Weight Watchers plan is simple and straight forward to follow. I know that anyone who comes to my classes can lose weight using our plan, tools and support from the class and me.”

Wendy attends Weight Watchers at the Pioneer Hall, Beryl Road, Barry, at 6pm every Thursday.