A VALE councillor has suggested the Vale mayor be scrapped after the costs of running the office were revealed.

A Barry & District News request revealed the mayor raised £11,155.38 for charities during the year 2012/13 with the total cost of the mayor's office for the same time was £84,685.

This included the cost of the chauffeur and the associated vehicle costs.

Court ward Vale councillor, Richard Bertin said the role should be scrapped completely in the county in a bid to help cut the budget.

Cllr Richard Bertin said: "If we’re in a situation where jobs are at risk, we have to look at losing luxuries before we lose jobs and services.

"Not only do I support the proposal, but it is the Independent group’s suggestion is that we invite an investigation into losing the role and cost of the mayor completely.

"I might be seen by some local people as being a very generous gesture that we are looking to protect jobs, to protect services, and I propose that the council do without the luxury of the mayor."

He added: "I have a great deal of respect for anyone who has held that office, but the total costs of the mayoralty is in the region of thousands.

"But this is now a luxury that we can now ill-afford, and therefore should now be axed."

"Savings would be achieved by reducing the costs of ceremonial events such as mayor making as well as abandoning twinning arrangements which could then save us more."

“When you add this up and find out the mayor only raises about £13,000 per year for charity this put a whole new perspective on the role especially when people are going hungry and forced to use foodbanks.”