FROM Barry town to Las Vegas, rapper Joe Blow is putting the South Wales hip-hop scene on the map.

Last year Joe Blow, otherwise known as Rob Picton, saw his track 'Emotions' earning critical acclaim before finding itself named one of the best tracks of the year by Radio Wales.

Now the song's video, shot by Penarth producer Jake Goddard and director Chris Axworthy, has won first place at the Cardiff Mini Music Video Festival awards.

The award was presented to Chris by Daf Palfrey, who has directed videos for the Super Furry Animals and DJ Yoda.

Rob said: "I couldn't make it to the ceremony because I had other commitments. I wasn't expecting us to win, but I was really happy about it."

Rob, who regularly releases acclaimed music that includes collaborations with some of the world's top producers and the UK's most regarded rappers, is following this momentum with a single due to be released in January 2014 by Las Vegas based label 119 sound.

The track Bass n Barz is a collaboration with HavocNdeeD, one of the US's biggest production teams, described as a blend of hip-hop and dubstep.

"They're massive DJs out there", Rob said, "I'm really happy, it's quite a big thing, a big milestone in my career. I'm looking forward to getting over there for the release."

Explaining his route to this release, Rob said: "It's down to a lot of hard work and dedication. I've been making music for over 20 years, I'm always busy."

On top of this, Rob runs his Barry-based Squid Ninja record label which he hopes will become a way of producing and promoting other local talent.

Rob knows that with the internet providing world wide promotion never previously available to artists, the sky is the limit.

"From Barry town to Las Vegas," he said, "Years ago you wouldn't be able to do that.

"I'm running the record label myself and I'm looking for new talent and hoping to build a platform for the area to get involved in."